Our Work

TCICA Members are committed to working
together with the Queensland and
Commonwealth Governments to help shape
place-based responses and solutions to the
challenges and opportunities in front of us.

Our priorities include:

Remote Indigenous Housing

Seeking a long term commitment from the Australian Government
to new Indigenous housing in remote communities to address
overcrowding, homelessness, poor housing conditions and severe
housing shortages.

Peninsula Development Road

Ongoing commitments to fully seal the Peninsula
Development Road to connect communities to economic,
social and cultural opportunities, lower the cost of freight
and open up the region to new business opportunities.

Better Telecommunications & Digital Connectivity

To maximise economic, social, cultural, health and
education benefits for our communities.

Addressing Climate Change

A commitment by both levels of government to dealing with
the social, cultural and economic impacts of climate change
through mitigation works and a consistent national policy on
addressing climate change.

Managing Natural Disasters

Increasing the resilience of public infrastructure and assets
to natural disaster events.

Cost of Delivering Municipal Services

A review into the true cost of delivering core municipal services in
rural, remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
communities and a commitment to increasing Financial Assistance Grants.


Growing a strong and sustainable tourism industry in the
Torres Strait, Cape and Gulf region through business
development, marketing and promotion for the benefit of
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Northern Australia

Seeking a commitment from the Commonwealth
Government to renew its focus on Northern Australia,
including addressing social disadvantage and allocating
funding for programs and initiatives to build the capacity of
Indigenous people in our communities by supporting
business opportunities and economic participation.

Genuine Partnerships with Local Government

Ensuring the Queensland and Commonwealth
Governments genuinely engage with TCICA in the
co-design of policies and programs for Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people.